How AMI Advanced Healthcare AI Innovation Through Hivex’s Remote Developers
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How AMI Advanced Healthcare AI Innovation Through Hivex’s Remote Developers

Facing unique challenges in healthcare AI innovation, Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) harnessed the power of Hivex’s remote developer network to transform its engineering capabilities. This case study delves into how AMI, driven by a mission to ethically enhance patient care, leveraged Hivex’s expertise to address critical talent needs and propel their AI advancements.

August 15 2023

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August 22 2023

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About AMI

Artificial Medical Intelligence (AMI) is a pioneering healthcare AI company in San Francisco on a mission to ethically enhance patient care through AI. Founded in 2003, AMI spent 20 years researching AI applications in medicine before launching its suite of automated coding, revenue, and documentation review products.


As a leader in the rapidly evolving AI healthcare space, AMI struggled to keep pace with innovation given their small engineering team. They lacked specialized talent in deep learning and neural networks to advance their AI diagnostic capabilities. Attempts to recruit this expertise locally proved difficult and slowed their product roadmap.

Moreover, AMI’s core analytics system suddenly began experiencing major performance issues right before a critical product release. Their engineers realized the system needed to be urgently rebuilt on a new tech stack to handle the data volumes. However, AMI did not have specialized developers on staff with expertise in this rare technology combination.

Facing these urgent innovation and system reliability challenges, AMI required agile ways to rapidly obtain niche engineering skills in leading-edge AI and scarce tech stack capabilities. The company needed to augment its team with top talent that could quickly get up to speed and deliver solutions.

Solution Delivery

AMI selected Hivex as their key recruitment and management partner. Hivex’s global talent network gave AMI access to pre-screened AI and healthcare technologists from around the world. The partnership began by aligning on technical must-haves and preferred soft skills. Hivex then matched AMI with dedicated engineers that met their criteria. With project management tools like Jira and daily standups over Zoom, the distributed teams collaborated seamlessly.


Within 5 months, AMI doubled its AI engineering capacity. This enabled them to develop a deep learning diagnostic tool with 90% accuracy, positioning them as leaders in AI clinical decision support. Their talent growth via Hivex also increased engineering productivity by 35% and accelerated their product roadmap speed.


“Hivex allowed us to find the world-class AI and healthcare talent we desperately needed. Our partnership was critical for achieving our milestones.” – Vice President at AMI.

Continuous Relationship

Given Hivex’s expertise in finding specialized technologists globally, AMI continues to leverage its recruitment framework. This provides AMI with a sustainable edge in healthcare AI development, cementing their status as pioneers in ethical AI medical solutions.

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